Ramadhan Starts On Thursday, Says Muhammadiyah

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• It's the

statistical peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, with the eight weeks around this date often prime time for conditions that fuel powerful storms. Right on schedule is 

Florence, which by late this week may well be hitting the East Coast. In the Pacific,

Hurricane Oliviacould affect Hawaii midweek as a tropical storm.

• Starting this evening, we wish our

Muslimreaders a happy

new year, 1440, as they commemorate the Prophet Mohammed's flight from Mecca to Medina to escape religious persecution. The coming month, Muharram, is the second holiest for the faithful, after Ramadan.


• It's

September 11, a day when Americans, especially New Yorkers,

pause to remember the 2,977 people killed during coordinated terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The day now also is dedicated to

community service; you can find opportunities here to pitch in. The President and first lady are due to participate in a ceremony at the Shanksville memorial.

• Voters in

New Hampshirego to the polls to choose

primary candidates for the state's two US House seats, which have flipped between the major parties over the past decade.

• "Fear," journalist Bob Woodward's explosive book about the chaotic Trump White House, comes out to the public.

Russia is expected to launch five days of

war games, with 300,000 military personnel and more than 1,000 aircraft. It would be the largest show of force of its kind since major Soviet maneuvers in 1981. Russian President Vladimir Putin has boasted this year of weapons that would render NATO "completely useless," though the United States has expressed doubts. The exercises come as Russian neighbor China beefs up its military.


Appleis expected to

roll out new iPhone models and, possibly, revamped versions of the Apple Watch and Air Pods. The release date for the next iOS operating system also could drop.

• US Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a

Rhode Island Democrat, faces a

primarychallenge from a peace activist, while on the GOP side, a former state Supreme Court justice faces an opponent whose name appears on US Senate ballots in nine states.


• The focus in

primaries shifts to

New York and the heated battle for the Democratic nomination for governor: It's incumbent Andrew Cuomo vs. actress Cynthia Nixon of "Sex and the City" fame.

• With the

midterms less than two months away, some

big-name pols hit the stump. President

Trump rallies in

Missouri, where GOP Attorney General Josh Hawley is trying to unseat Democratic US Sen. Claire McCaskill. And former President Barack

Obamacampaigns in Cleveland for Richard Cordray, who served in his administration and now is running for governor against Republican Mike DeWine, who ousted Cordray as

Ohio's attorney general in 2010. 

• If you're in the Big Apple, drop by the Triad Theater for

opening night of

"The 1st Annual Trump Family Special." The musical comedy runs weekly through December 6.


• The archbishop of Washington will celebrate

Mass in the nation's capital to open a six-week "season of healing" amid the

Catholic Church's clergy sex abuse scandal. Cardinal

Donald Wuerl faces mounting scrutiny over what he may have known about abuse allegations against his predecessor and how he handled abusive priests as bishop of Pittsburgh. Wuerl recently went to Vatican City to meet with Pope Francis.

Trump continues his barnstorming in

Mississippi, where two US Senate seats are in play.


Pope Francisvisits

Sicily to honor a priest killed by the Mafia. We'll be watching to see whether he also addresses the

sex abuse crisis during his trip.

National Hispanic Heritage Month begins, running through October 15. At a time in our politics when Hispanics often feel attacked just for being who they are, it's a chance to learn more about the nearly 1 in 5 US residents -- and growing -- who comprise this group.

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Ramadhan Starts On Thursday, Says Muhammadiyah


Ramadhan Starts On Thursday, Says Muhammadiyah

Ramadhan Starts On Thursday, Says Muhammadiyah


Ramadhan Starts On Thursday, Says Muhammadiyah