PT CPI Umri Trains 100 Teachers And Lecturers In The Good Laboratory Practice Program -

PEKANBARU - PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia (PT CPI) with various universities in Riau helped encourage the birth of superior programs. This time, the collaboration of PT CPI with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Muhammadiyah Riau (FMIPA Umri) runs the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Program.

GLP is a training program to increase knowledge in building laboratories that are in accordance with standards and pay attention to safety, health and the environment.

The GLP training was officially opened at the Auditorium of the Umri campus on Tuesday (11/26), attended by the Head of Balitbang of Riau Province Arbaini; Deputy Rector I Umri Sri Fitria Retnawaty, S.Si; FMIPA Dean Umri Juli Widianto, S.Kep, M.Kes. Epidemic; GM Corporate Affairs Asset of PT CPI Sukamto Tamrin; and representatives from the Energy and Mineral Resources Office and the Riau Province Education Office.

The training will last for three days. Participants were 80 SlH chemistry teachers from various secondary / vocational schools from ten districts / cities in Riau and 20 Umri lecturers.

"We are very grateful that there are many programs that can be synergized with Chevron (PT CPI, ed.). One of them is the GLP Program which is very helpful in improving the quality of education, especially in the field of Chemistry, "said Deputy Rector I Umri Sri Fitria Retnawaty, S.Sc. GLP is one part of PT CPI's partnership program with various universities in Riau, also known as the University Relationship Program (URP).

In addition to the GLP Program, the partnership between PT CPI and Umri also resulted in 12 other activities. One of them is collaboration research (collaboration research) between Umri and universities in Malaysia in the fields of environment, renewable energy, health, and food. The programs are aimed at increasing the capacity of lecturers and students as well as improving the faculty accreditation status.

"We continue to strive to support the development of human resources of our children in Riau, especially in the field of education. We also hope that the program that has been implemented can improve department accreditation, especially for FMIPA, "said GM Corporate Affairs Asset of PT CPI Sukamto Tamrin.

Not only in terms of the company, PT CPI employees also volunteered to contribute personnel to participate in the implementation of the GLP Program. A number of employees from the Laboratory team and the Health, Environment and Safety (HES) team were the resource persons in the sessions that were held. "The company encourages employee volunteerism, or employee voluntarism, to accommodate the enthusiasm of employees who want to contribute energy and thoughts in social community activities," continued Sukamto.

In the URP Program, in addition to Umri, PT CPI also established partnerships with Chemical Engineering University of Riau, Petroleum Engineering University of Riau Islamic University, and Electrical Engineering University of Lancang Kuning. This URP program has been running since 2010. "PT. CPI believes that improving the quality of human resources is the key to independence and welfare for the community. Therefore, education is one of the focuses of the community development program of our company, "concluded Sukamto.

PT. CPI is a Cooperation Contract Contractor (KKKS) from the Government of Indonesia that operates the Rokan Block in Riau. In operating the oil and gas block, PT. CPI works under the supervision and control of SKK Migas. With innovation and commitment from highly skilled and dedicated employees, PT. CPI is one of the largest crude oil producers in Indonesia. ***


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PT CPI   Umri Trains 100 Teachers And Lecturers In The Good Laboratory Practice Program

PT CPI Umri Trains 100 Teachers And Lecturers In The Good Laboratory Practice Program